Stygian Shadowsword

Stygian Shadowswords were relatively rare.  Often they were employed where large numbers of Imperial superheavies were operating.  With it's massive cannon heavy armor an lascannon sponsons the shadowsword was purpose built for hunting down and destroying Imperial armor units.  Imperial knights in particular would come to loathe this vehicle as it took particular glee in hunting down and destroying them.  On Zama II the above pictured shadowsword took out three freeblade knights in a single afternoon in the shattered habzone 114.  it did so through hit and run strikes at maximum range hammering a knight from ambush destroying it and then racing off to a new ambush point before it's fellow knights could retaliate.

The above kit is the standard kit which uses bitz from the arcane ruins set.  The fantasy marauder set, chaos warriors set as well as bitz from the defiler and the chaos accessory sprue.


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