Battle of Guttar- Chemical Storage Raid finale

The Stygian advance continued even through the bolter fire laid down by the Guardian chapter marines.  In the flame shrouded battlefield there was suddenly little they could do now that surprise had been lost and the stygian forces were mobilized.  The lone sternguard facing the helbrute flung himself forward grenades in each hand cooking off determined to sacrifice himself to take out the infernal machine and buy an opening for his brothers.  But it was not to be as the power scourge impaled him and flung him aside the blast of the grenades too far away to do much good.

The Helbrute then advanced against one of the supporting tactical squads a horde of militia following in his wake.

The Helbrute crashed into the ruins it's powerscourge flailing away cutting down three marines with ease and sending the rest in a mad dash retreat to escape the enraged machine.

The Alpha legion champion led the charge into the burning ruins with a handful of surviving militia.  The Guardian chapter marine drew back his powerfist to strike but this champion was a veteran of the long war with 10,000 years of experience and hate.  He thrust his chainsword in a quick powerful thrust under the chin of the loyalists helmet punching through the thinner armor and driving the whirling chainsword blades into the skull of the guardian chapter marine.  As the Guardian marine fell the champions roar of triumph could be heard echoing across the battlefield.

With the raid now clearly over Vincinius's squad began to prepare for a quick withdrawal.  Vincinius's sergeant ordered Vincinius to open up on the storage tanks in a last ditch effort to salvage something from this botched raid.  Vincinius aimed carefully and fired.  The missile struck a weak point in the storage tank and exploded.  Seconds later wraith gas emptied out of one of the containers and into the stygian militia beside it.  The Stygian militia screamed as they knew their doom was sealed.  Vincinius smiled and then began to exfiltrate back through the ruins.  They had at least gotten rid of half the Wraith gas though at a horrendous price.

Special thanks again goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.  These reports would not even be possible without Chris's help so many thanks again!


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