Herald of Khorne

During the Stygian Wars numerous daemonic incursions were recorded.  Frequently seen leading khornate daemons in this time period was the above pictured daemonic herald.  The daemon is more lizard like than others of it's kind and wears armor similar to that worn by the Alpha Legion.  It carries a massive axe with khornate runes engraved upon it, making it an axe of khorne.  The herald of khorne displayed remarkable martial prowess and bloodthirstiness across the battlefields of the Stygian Wars.  Often times it targeted key imperial commanders on the field killing them and taking their heads as trophies.

The model used to represent the herald is the Nephlim Protector model from the Hordes range.  The tentacle arms on the back have been replaced with horns taken from the GW spawn kit.


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