Battle of Guttar- Chemical Storage Raid part1

As the battle for Guttar continued to escalate in ferocity imperial command was made aware of a weapons cache of Wraith Gas within the city.  Wraith Gas had been encountered elsewhere in the Stygian Wars often at horrendous cost.  Imperial command worried that if the battle of Guttar continued to escalate that the Stygian Empire would begin to employ this chemical weapon.  Imperial Agents located the cache and a small strike team from the Guardians Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes infiltrated the Stygian lines with the destruction of the site as it's objective.

The Guardian marines advanced quickly through the ruins of the city.  Sternguard veterans leading the way with one five man tactical squad setting up in an overwatch position as the strike force advanced.
The tactical squad advancing on the right flank hurried into a smoldering ruin eager to take up an excellent position with which to target the Stygian militia guarding the Chemical storage site.  As the marines rushed in to take positions one of their number tripped an infared beam connected to a hidden block of explosives.  A sudden devastating explosion thundered through the streets as the booby trap went off, injuring one of the astartes and eliminating any chance of taking the Stygians by surprise.

Upon hearing the explosion Brother Vincinius of the Guardians chapter rose from cover and fired his missile launcher at one of the two helbrutes by the storage tanks.  The missile slammed into the hull of the chaos warmachine rocking it backwards and having it belch out black smoke.  Vincinius quickly ducked back behind cover preparing a second shot.

Stygian militia surged forwards along with both Helbrutes urged on by the Alpha Legion marine in charge of security of the site.  The Stygian Empire sought to hammer the imperial force under quickly in an effort to keep the fighting away from the canisters of wraith gas.
The Helbrute with the plasma cannon opened fire on Vincinius's position.  The explosive ball of superheated gas slammed into the ruins burning a hole through the one wall and incinerating a Guardian marine.

The other damaged Helbrute poured fire on the advancing sternguard.  The heavy autocannon shells bounced however off the marines armor as the veteran astartes pushed on towards their objective.

Special thanks goes out again to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including his use of his well painted Guardian marines.


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