Sunday, July 31, 2016

LRRP encounters insurgent camp

Above-  An Anglican Scion squad formed into a LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) has stumbled across a insurgent encampment on Smarkad III.  The scions though outnumbered can call upon nearby artillery.  The Stygian insurgents though more numerous realize retreat is their best option and so they are spraying the area of the LRRP team before fading back into the forests even as the LRRP team sets their tents on fire.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Booby trap!

Above-  A Anglican patrol encounters an explosive booby trap in a sweep of a forest on Smarkad III.  Stygian Insurgents there made frequent use of booby traps to help negate the numerical and technological superiority of Imperial forces deployed to Smarkad III.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Raiders of the Long War

Valcor Tal of the Alpha Legion, 7th Grand Hydra Company and Champion of Chaos made his way through the ruins.  Behind him a small group of his fellow legionaries followed him as he made his way towards the Imperial Supply dump.  Valcor had done this hundreds of times before and he conceded he would in all likelihood do this a thousand more times until they attained the final victory.  Some would be complacent even bored with the duty.  To Valcor's mind these were the less motivated, unworthy of fighting the long war.  Indeed it was the epitome of what the long war often was, raiding, and routine actions with only the occasional monumental event to move the conflict further along.  Valcor froze and confirmed the intel they had on the site.  Only two guards were ahead.
Valcor considered his options, he could ghost them, kill them quiet and then destroy the supply dump.  He considered and rejected it.  Ghosting them would be effective to his purpose only for creating terror of the unknown.  With the dump burning their would be no horror of discovery to chill the Imperials spines.  No he would go for rapid dominance.  Let the site fall in seconds to overwhelming force with the guards butchered with ease.  That would put some fear into these lackeys of the false emperor.  Valcor gestured with his axe and subvoxed the attack order.  Then he burst into the open firing his pistol into the first guard blowing his chest apart even as the second guard struggled to bring his rifle to bear.

Before the second guard could fire a bolt pistol shot removed his head.  Valcor ordered the supply crates to be rummaged through.  What supplies they could easily port they would take with them.  Waste not, want not.  And the Dark Gods punished waste.  Any veteran of the Long War could have told that much.  With a few grenades and a few magazines for bolt weapons recovered Valcor gave the order and his fellow Alpha Legion Marine began to put the supply dump to the torch.

Valcor motioned for the infiltrating squad to move out in order to put some distance between themselves and this latest target they had engaged.  It might not have been overly challenging.  But now an Imperial platoon would be short of gear.  Two guards will have been found butchered with ease which would demoralize the Imperial further.  of Course so would the booby traps they had placed under the dead Imperials.  Valcor felt a sneering grin across his features.  It still wasn't much but Valcor would commit similar acts a few more times tonight.  It would eventually add up.  And then the big push could happen.  That Valcor thought with determination was the way of the entire long war.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Supply Raid

Above- Stygian Militia infiltrating ahead have overrun a small supply depot on the outskirts of Hunang city.  A Stygian Valkyrie is taking off with one of the armored containers to resupply the Stygian forces trying to fight their way into Hunang city. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Engagement along road 5

Above-  An Anglican unit engages in a firefight along road 5 on Smarkad III with Stygian insurgents.  The Stygian sponsored insurgency favored hit and run raids on the Imperial forces which frequently had brief but intense clashes among small units on both sides.

Monday, July 25, 2016

armored supply containers

Throughout the Stygian Wars Imperial forces made extensive use of armored shipping containers to supply front line units.  These simple but sturdy containers were to become a common sight on the battlefield due to their sturdy design.  So successful was the design that the Stygian Empire would frequently make use of captured containers and even manufactured a few of their own based upon the STC design. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Spawn attack

Above-  A group of stygian spawn emerge from the forest to attack an Anglican guard unit on patrol on Smarkad III.  The Spawn were no doubt dropped in the initial flash fire attack on the planet and left to wander and kill at will rather than be withdrawn.  They no doubt added to the confusion in the resulting insurgency that engulfed Smarkad III after the initial flash fire drop attack.  In the heavily forested areas of Smarkad III spawn were to prove themselves unbelievably dangerous, and reports surfaced of groups of spawn stalking imperial units during the Smarkad III insurgency.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bloodcrushers of Khorne

During the Stygian Wars these heavy Daemonic cavalry were seen in increasing numbers.  Often deployed in a shock force role these beasts would often punch through Imperial battle lines and carry the slaughter into the rear area.  Imperial forces often made targeting these daemons a top priority .

Thursday, July 21, 2016


A Bloodhunter often leads units of Bloodcrushers across the battlefield.  During the Stygian Wars these Daemons were encountered with increasing frequency.  Often leading thundering charges into the ranks of infantry the mere mention of these being was suppressed for purposes of maintaining morale by Imperial authorities.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bloodcrusher with Icon

Bloodcrushers are bloodletters mounted upon Juggernauts forming heavy daemonic cavalry units.  They were frequently encountered during the Stygian Wars and the death toll caused by these beasts was horrific.  The Bloodcrusher pictured above carries an icon which allowed for the safe materialization of more Daemonic entities of Khorne to appear nearby.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Terrain- Stygian VX storage silos

Throughout the Stygian Wars, the Stygian Empire made extensive use of chemical warfare.  They often created and stored such chemical weapons such as VX nerve gas agents for use on selected fronts.  Imperial forces went to great length to locate and destroy these weapon caches.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Editorial- Objective Markers

Objective markers are a major part of most 40k games.  And while most of us can and will make do with the generic servo skull objectives this allows us to miss out on a fun and exciting hobby exercise.  The Creation of personal objectives allows us to create dioramas, and tell stories about our army and what they are all about.  It allows us to get the creative juices flowing as we work on these small but fun projects.  Furthermore anyone seeing them on display with our army gives that army a bit more respect on the whole "Cool" factor.  Below are three objective markers I use.  Compare them with generic servo skulls and tell me which you prefer to see on the battlefield.  Better yet think of what you can build and paint to represent your army on the battlefield.