Stygian maulerfiend

The Dark mechanicus and Alpha Legion supplied large numbers of maulerfiends to Stygian Militia units.  These Stygian maulerfineds were identical to those encountered with other chaos forces as far as combat capability but had additional features that made them unique.  The Stygian maulerfined had a howdaw mounted upon it's back and acted as a transport for the truly insane members of the Stygian militia willing to ride into battle on the daemon engines back.  Often times the maulerfiend itself would kill militia men as they dismounted on accident.  The other feature is the shrine to the dark gods that the Stygian maulerfiend mounted.  These mobile shrines further inspired the stygian militia and they devotedly could be found following the shrines into the thick of the fighting.

This kit is a maulerfined kit.  The back and shrine are from the fantasy chaos war shrine with cultists models and a chaos marine model added along with the chain.


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