Battle of Guttar -Daemonic Raid Finale

A roar of fury arose across the battlefield as the Daemons reacted to the Herald's death.  The second bloodletter squad rushed the ruins and 2nd squad.  But the eyes of the emperor must have been drawn to 2nd squad.  The Anglican squad fired their final protective fires and formed a deadly storm of lead that engulfed and shredded the onrushing daemons causing them to suddenly wink out of existence.

The other bloodletter came crashing into 1rst squad.  howling with rage they cut down three of the guardsmen before they even knew of the threat.  The two survivors bolting away desperate to find an escape from the infernal horror that now assailed them.

Lt Campbell ordered 2nd squad to pour all their fire on the bloodletters as he and the command squad did the same.  The hail of fire lashed out slamming into the psychotic blood crazed daemons wiping them from existence and leaving only the echoing screams of rage filling the air.

The lone surviving fleshhound bounded forward despite it's wound and barreled into Lt. Campbell's command squad.  Campbell watched as the beast tore apart one of his men and shouldered the other aside as it leapt right at him.  he met the beast pistol forward blazing away even as he drew back the sawbacked trench blade to stab the beast.  The pistol rounds slammed into the maw stunning the beast and Cambell slammed his blade into the daemons neck.  In a sudden wink the daemon beast was gone.  Just as quickly gone were the sounds of firing and the snarling of daemons.  Only the echo of distant artillery and small arms fire that formed the constant background noise of the Battle of Guttar remained.  Against all odds the Anglican platoon had survived and destroyed the daemonic raid.

Special thanks again goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help (and incredible luck!) with this battle report.


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