Battle of Guttar - Daemonic Raid part2

With dawn's first light now upon them and sporadic fire coming from the Imperials the daemons continued their advance.  The squad of Bloodletter moved through the ruins closing with the fortified squad on the Imperial left flank.
The rest of the khornate daemons advanced down the center with the Herald and the fleshhounds leading the way braying for blood.
3rd Squad emptied their guns at the fast moving hounds to no effect.  Suddenly the massive snarling beasts were in their midst.  Their savage jaws snapping and ripping apart the Anglican guardsmen.  The air was filled with screams as half of 3rd squad went under to the bloody maws of the daemons.  The rest turned to flee the horrors that had suddenly come upon them only to be run down from behind by these predatory daemons.

4rth squad anchoring the Imperial left flank opened fire on the approaching bloodletters.  A few of the daemons vanished but the rest bounded forward howling and waving their hell forged blades.  4rth squad thrust at them with bayonets as they entered the ruins but the daemons turned their blades aside with ease.  The guardsmen were suddenly hacked apart by those same blades in a whirlwind of death and destruction set to the howls of savage glee of the daemons.  In seconds 4rth squad was nothing more than chopped up meat amidst the ruins.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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