Battle of Guttar-Daemonic Raid part 5

Lt Campbell realized he was faced now with a last stand.  it fell to him and his platoon alone to stop the daemonic tide before it pushed further into Imperial lines.  With 1rst squad fighting for it's lives he ordered 2nd squad to pour all their fire onto the second wave of bloodletters following in the Herald's wake.  A hail of fire sprung out engulfing the daemons cutting a number of them down and yet onward they still came.

Lt. Campbell and his squad then opened up on the bloodletters coming in from the left flank.  But for all their fire they were only able to cut down a single psychotic killer daemon.

Meanwhile the fleshhound snapped ineffectively at 1rst squad.  The herald swung his massive blade decapitating the two guardsmen before him with ease with a wide stroke.  Covered in their blood he brayed and laughed at the carnage.

But the Daemonic Herald had made a fatal mistake.  He had cleared a path for the heavy bolter team with the two guardsmen he had slain.  Now he stood totally exposed roaring in triumph.  The heavy bolter gunner didn't hesitate emptying an entire belt into the Herald.  The heavy rounds smashed the Herald back into the wall where he crumpled and then vanished back into the warp as the rest of 1rst squad held the fleshhound at bay.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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