Battle of Guttar- Prefects Tower part3

A sudden massive explosion rocked the battlefield coming from near the Imperial left flank.  A hidden series of timebombs ripped apart the tall imposing ruin, leaving only a smoking crater.  Unfortunately for the Stygian forces no Imperial force had tried to use the ruin for a enfilading fire position.

Meanwhile the Stygian forces continued their advance, still intent to catch the Imperial force in a pincer movement.

The greater daemon of tzeetch slashed the air and pointed to his front.  A sudden rip in space time appeared with the warp now flowing into realspace.  out of the rift stepped ten serpent like daemons with hell forged blades dripping blood. 

The psycher next to the command squad howled and feel to his knees the warp flowing through him overwhelming him.  Seconds later the psycher burst and a massive bloodthirster hovered it's massive wings keeping it airborne.

Major Astor ordered his command squad to target the Imperial Demolisher.  The laser cannon bored a hole straight through the turret detonating the ammo within.  The demolisher turret then exploded leaving a burning wreck in it's wake.

The other heavy weapons team targeted the immobilized chimera.  The three lascannons ripping through the apc's thin armor causing it to detonate in a massive fireball that left only a smoking crater and dazed Kharkovians in it's wake.

Meanwhile the dismounted squad of stygian infantry peppered the Liskavian heavy weapons teams with fire in an effort to suppress them.

An Advancing chimers joined in on the effort it's multilaser sending multiple shots into them killing one of the teams.

Meanwhile on the other flank the devil dog fired it's multimelta into the frontal armor of the demolisher before it stunning it and setting the hull partly alight.  The meltacannon fired with similar results.

The Stygian russ however took aim at the infantry advancing on the Prefects Tower.  The massive rumble of the tanks gun rang through the air followed by an explosion that sent even more Liskavian infantry to their deaths.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his invaluable help with this battle report.


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