Battle of Guttar- Chemical Storage Raid part 2

The Guardian tactical squads decided to stay in place and provide fire support for the Sternguard as they advanced.  The sternguad continued up entering a set of ruins in order to pour combi plasma fire into the helbrute.  As they entered the ruins a stygian militia man remotely fired the IED hidden within.  The massive explosion killed one of the sternguard.  Engulfed in flames the sternguard's plasma weapons overheated keeping them from blowing apart the nearby Helbrute.

Vincinius popped up again to fire another missile but the detonation of the IED threw his aim off and the missile slammed into the dirt in front of the chaos war machine.

The tactical squad on the right flank leveled their bolters and sent plunging fire down into the advancing horde of militia below.  Bolters baked out short bursts and the stygians were blown apart in the hail of fire.  And yet onward they still came running screaming defiance and hate.  Behind them advanced a lone Alpha Legion marine his bolt pistol out and chainsword spinning.  The Stygian militia knew the eyes of the dark gods were upon them for here one of their most trusted servants strode alongside them.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including the use of his well painted marine army.


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