Battle of Guttar- Daemonic Raid part 1

Guttar Hab Zone- With the continued battle raging for control of Guttar forces of the Stygian Empire began unleashing numerous groups of Daemons into the city to conduct spoiling attacks and further taint the world.  On the 5th day of the battle a platoon of the 18th Anglican Imperial Guard regiment was assigned to defend hard won gains in the city and to launch probes from a set of ruins that Imperial commanders wished to use as a springboard for further advances in Guttar.

In the Burning ruins just before dawn bloodletters of Khrone gathered using the ruins for cover as they made their way forward to slay the Imperials on this block.  While a few hunkered down content to delay the advance in the center, a group of bloodletters, flesh hounds, and a herald of Khorne began moving up against the Imperial left flank.

Meanwhile a special weapons squad and 3rd squad of the Anglican regiment departed before first light on a recon patrol determined to discover what forces the Stygian Empire had arrayed against them.  Lt. Campbell Knew it was risky sending out a patrol but shrugged off the unease he felt.  he would no doubt feel better when he knew for sure what kind of enemy force was on his front.

As 3rd squad advanced in the dim predawn light the squad came to a sudden halt as they spotted the fleshhounds bearing down on them.  Quickly they leveled their guns and unleashed a fierce storm of fire at the darkly lit daemons killing one of the beasts.

The remaining squads in the basecamp building heard the shooting and opened up in the direction of where 3rd squads tracer fire was going.  Lt. Campbell heard the frantic call of daemons over the platoon vox and felt his blood freeze.

Hurriedly Lt. Campbell ordered the mortar team with him to stand to.  Within seconds the first round was leaving the tube but it sailed high and long exploding behind the oncoming daemons.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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