Battle of Guttar- Prefects Tower part4

Major Riga cursed as the vox report came in that the sewer rat squads he had dispatched were still in no position to help.  Riga listened as the reports of booby traps delayed his key reinforcements.  Reluctantly Riga sought to take a defensive posture for his force until reinforcements arrived.  Riga ordered his left flank to be refused.
The psycher with the infantry drew upon his power seeking to help shelter the men in his command.  Suddenly his body twitched as the warp overcame his mental blocks.  The Imperial psycher vanished in a brief warp tear.

The heavy weapons squad targeted the manticore.  Unleashing a flurry of heavy auotcannon shells into mobile artillery piece.  Suddenly one of the rockets was punctured and it's leaking fuel caught fire turning the entire vehicle into a funeral pyre.

Another squad of Liskavians opened fire on the monsterous horror that was the lord of change.  Lasfire bounced heedlessly off the warp spawns armor until a single plasma gun shot slammed into the things chest causing it to screech in pain.

The Liskavian manticore continued to fire in it's counterbattery mode.  Sending a deluge of missiles to engulf the Stygian manticore.  yet despite the heavy shelling they were only able to stun the stygian mobile rocket launcher.

The Demolisher despite the beating it had taken fired off it's smoke launchers in an attempt to save itself and buy time to anchor the imperial lines refused flank.
Imperial tech priests and servitors charged the Stygian infantry squad near the burning demolisher.  The sudden ferocity of the imperial counterattack caught the stygians off guard with a few of their number chopped down.  franticly the stygian squad fell back to regroup in the face of the imperial counter attack.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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