Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ambushed by the forest serpents

Above-  An Imperial patrol is ambushed in the forests of Smarkad III by a pack of bloodletters.  These summoned daemons often made quick work of such Imperial patrols increasing the sense of dread the Imperials held for the forests as haunted and cursed.  In the close confines of the forest the daemons swords could be quickly employed against Imperial troops.  Add to the mix the daemonic howls for blood and triumph and the forests of Smarkad III quickly garnered a black reputation amongst Imperial forces.

Monday, August 29, 2016

"Devils are in the trees!"

Above- A Group of screamers ambushing an Imperial patrol in the forests of Smarkad III.  The Screamers on the planet took to being ambush predators in the trees in the more daemon haunted regions of the forest.  They would then attack anything that entered their territory.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Herald in the ruins

Above-  A Herald of Tzeentch along with a pair of screamers stalks a set of ruins on Smarkad III.  As the insurgency grew so too did daemonic incursions until sights such as that above were routine in certain areas of the planet.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Volgagrad Status update

To: Vexus Prime Planetary HQ
From: General Brusilov commander Volgagrad Front, Vexus Prime
Subject: Situation Report
Thought for the Day:  Heresy begets retribution

The Situation on the Volgagrad front remains one of stalemate at the moment though the fighting continues at a frantic pace.  Indeed the high casualties are reminiscent of the Canberra River Front with regards to infantry casualties and bitterness of fighting.  While I am confident of maintaining the majority of our currently occupied territory the same can not be said about recapturing territory.  The only way a possible successful offensive could be launched in this sector is with additional reserves (my staff calculates 10 more fresh regiments at a minimum) or if Stygian forces are drawn off to reinforce a Imperial thrust on another front thus weakening resistance on the Volgagrad Front.
Furthermore our ability to hold our ground will diminish over the next year if the supply of replacements is cut off.  Infantry casualty rates are near 80% and without an influx of replacements many regiments would simply wither away to the detriment of the front.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jungle ritual

Above- Alpha Legion sorcerer undertakes a ritual unleashing daemonic entities from the warp into the forests of Smarkad III.  As the insurgency on the planet continued Stygian insurgents and their Alpha Legion masters often unleashed hideous Daemonic incursions across the planet to further the destructive actions of the insurgency and to both horrify and tie down larger numbers of Imperial troops.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dark Mechanicus Probe

Above-  Dark mechanicus forces push back a small imperial infantry squad as they advance through the ruins of Volgagrad, on Vexus prime.  Dark Mechaniucs forces proved to be particularly deadly in the close quarters battles that were the norm in cities throughout the Stygian Wars.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Clearing abandoned insurgent camp

Above-  A Anglican Search and Destroy patrol on Smarkad III burns down empty tents encountered during a security sweep of the nearby woods.  The insurgency on Smarkad III saw the Imperium make wide use of search and destroy patrols in an effort to regain control over the planet.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Smarkad III strategic situation report

To: Sector Strategic Command
From: Smarkad III Planetary HQ
Sent: Smarkad Astropath node 447
Thought For the Day: You are the Emperors will made manifest

As Per request I hereby submit a rough draft of the Strategic situation as it appears to us fighting on Smarkad III.
The Stygian Insurgency at current shows no sign of decline or meaningful degradation of capabilities.  While their operational activity is not as high as it was during the height of the flash fire campaign unleashed on Smarkad III it is still unacceptably high.  The insurgents currently have total control of the countryside including the forests.  Imperial forces still control the larger settlements and the mine facilities many of these sites are under a loose siege as the insurgents cut the roads at will.  Current Imperial forces on planet have been forced to defend territory and conduct convoy escort leaving very little for search and destroy missions. 
Furthermore the current casualty rate is nearly 3-1 in favor of the insurgents.  However it is believed that the insurgency could be brought under control without planetary output threatened if the release of an additional 8 regiments be obtained by Smarkad III for the sole use of counterinsurgency operations.  We believe with these additional forces we can have Smarkad III secured and removed from an active warzone within 18 months standard.
Our intelligence estimates believe without significant reinforcement the insurgency could cripple planetary output within a year and overrun the planet another 8 months after that.  The loss of output would put a further strain on sector forces.  Furthermore Smarkad III could then be used as a staging post for further strikes deeper into the sector.  Therefore I believe it imperative we receive reinforcements as quickly as possible to forestall such an event.
General Howland Raimus
Smarkad III Planetary Command

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ambush of convoy 377

Above-  Stygian Insurgents ambush elements of the 85th Anglican Regiment making up convoy 377 on Smarkad III.  The Stygians have blown down trees blocking the road ahead before raking the side of the convoy with small arms fire.  Anglican soldiers have rapidly dismounted and have already begun engaging the insurgents in a fire fight.  Often times the insurgent Stygian forces would then withdraw.  Ambushing convoys was a common feature of the insurgency on Smarkad III during the Stygian Wars.