Battle of Guttar - Daemonic Raid part 3

Lt Campbell began shouting orders to refuse flank and turn the basecamp into a final fortress.  He knew his left flank was gone.  He ordered 1rst squad in the ruins to pour fire into the flanking bloodletters.  A hail of fire followed and a number of the psychotic daemons fell but most of the fire struck the cover the ruins afforded the blood maddened daemons.

The special weapons squad fired franticly at the onrushing flesh hounds.  But the horror of watching the slaughter of 3rd squad had unnerved them.  Most of the shots missing though a single meltagun shot obliterated one of the hounds.

2nd Squad up in the building saw the plight of the special weapons teams.  They leveled their gun to provide plunging fire.  Despite the weight of fire only one of the two hounds was wounded with the rest of the rounds absorbed by the dark ethereal nature of the warp that had spawned the beasts.

Lt. Campbell ordered his mortar team to put down more fire on his shattered left flank.  He cursed bitterly as again the round went long exploding harmlessly behind the daemons.

Special Thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.  Couldn't have done this without you so thanks again!


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