Monday, February 29, 2016

Battle of Guttar incident 72 part 2

Kren lead his men towards the objective silently stalking the dark streets.  unfortunately for Kren and his militia a roving patrol had heard something and were advancing up the street to investigate the sounds heard in the night.
The approaching patrol was shocked to suddenly come face to face with Kren and his men.  Hastily they began to fire wildly even as Kren raced forwards.  The additional sound of fire was sure to raise the alarm, Kren thought, so much for stealth.  With that he swung his sword batting aside the Imperial lasgun and thrust his shotgun into the guardsman's face and pulled the trigger.  The shot decapitated the guardsman.  Around him his men hacked apart the Imperials.

As Kren raced forward toward the objective his squad behind him.  Another imperial patrol came up behind him and began spraying fire into the Stygian militia.  A number of shots slammed into the rear of the formation and a few of the militia men fell dead.

 Another imperial squad appeared lending it's wait of fire on to the Stygian Kill team.  Luckily for kren most of the shots were wide as the imperials groped to see the stygians in the dark streets.  It was quickly coming down to a desperate race against time for Kren to carry out his mission.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Battle of Guttar incident 72 part 1

With Imperial forces making an all out push to take the Guttar hab zone, Stygian forces defending the city resorted to every trick at their disposal.  Booby trapping likely approach routes and installing hidden observation posts along with fortifying defenses.  One of the hidden observation groups detected a number of senior officers of the 87th Anglican regiment using a ruin as a command post.

In an effort to disrupt Imperial command and control a select group of Stygian militia were chosen.  These were amongst the most dedicated and fanatical of the bunch.  Given demo charges they were tasked with leveling the ruin serving as the 87th regiments headquarters and wiping out the 87th's senior leadership.  The Stygian kill team then infiltrated the imperial front line and moved in on their target.
The imperial sentries patrolled the perimeter.  Sneaking up on one patrol group the Stygians made ready to attack them from behind and cut their throats before the alarm could be shouted.  Suddenly a single guardsman glanced back and saw them approaching.  He opened fire wildly as the stygians charged.  Kren the militia leader cursed.

Kren swung his sword across at the guardsman.  The tip of his blade took the imperial dog in the throat sending him crashing down into the street gurgling a death rattle.  His men were on the guardsmen, some of whom were shouting even as Kren's men hacked them apart.
In seconds the Imperials were all down.  Their broken bodies carved up and cooling in the streets.  Kren prayed silently and fervently to the dark gods that the sounds of the sentries death would be lost in the background of shots and explosions echoing through the night as the battle for Guttar raged.  Quickly Kren signaled his squad to continue to advance towards the objective.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for his help with this battle report.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Psi Bombers

Psi bombers were rogue psychers tormented and augmented by the Stygian Empire and their Alpha Legion overlords.  These psychers were given drugs to augment their abilities often at the cost of their sanity and long term health.  They were taught words of power and summoning and then smuggled behind Imperial lines and unleashed to create havoc. 
 During the Battles for Guttar, they were often smuggled via sewer lines behind the imperial frontline.  Then they would unleash their power bridging the gap between reality and the warp and allowing the passage of bands of daemons to rampage behind the Imperial line.  Often the unleashing of such power would kill the rogue psyche in the process.  However the damage they were able to inflict at the cost of their own lives was often horrendous.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stalker Terror Group

Stalker Terror Groups were an invention of the 7th Hydra grand company of the Alpha Legion, and saw frequent deployment throughout the Stygian Wars.  The group was often made up of between 5-7 possessed marines who were then formed into teams.

Due to the constant overriding hunger of the daemon within the body of the possessed they were often unpredictable and prone to disobeying orders in order to slate the daemons blood lust.  The creation of these teams was meant to quell, temporarily these urges making the possessed of the Alpha Legion far more disciplined and deadly.
Stalker Terror groups were often deployed for a week at a time in an enemy controlled area and allowed to run rampant.  The resulting carnage would often sate the daemons need for death and destruction while at the same time terrorizing the enemy and sapping their morale.
During the battles for Guttar, Stalker terror groups were employed to keep the Imperials off balance and create a sense of dread across the area for all imperial forces assigned to the battle.  The group excelled at ambush suddenly appearing in the midst of an imperial patrol wiping it out and leaving mutilated corpses for other Imperial forces to find.

Another tactic they frequently employed was to tail an Imperial patrol and silently pick them off one at a time leaving a handful of survivors to carry the tale of dread of being stalked across the ruins.
Furthermore the infiltration and use of the Stalker Terror Group often confused Imperial forces in efforts to hunt down psi bombers and other daemonic incursions.  This is due to the possessed nature of the group who spread a daemonic corrupt psychic trail with their movements making it harder to identify psi bomber unleashed by the Stygian Empire.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Editorial- Cities of Death

The Cities of Death supplement provides us all with a way to play Stalingrad type games.  it has been one of my favorite supplements since it came out and thankfully it has been updated in white dwarf.  Fighting through a city is a multigame process in my view with a ton of narrative scenario ideas.  Luckily this supplement provides a number of different scenarios that you can link together to form a narrative campaign.
Another nice feature of this supplement is the use of stratagems to evoke a unique city fighting experience.  For the hobby aspect it gives modelers a chance to rummage through bitz boxes to tailor our city fight games.  The book even includes and excellent section on modeling these very stratagems.

Finally we come to terrain.  part of the appeal of a city fight is the chance to play on amazing terrain.  This supplement contains a wonderful modeling section for terrain but one can easily go to other sources such as the first city fight book for advice on scratch building terrain.  For inspiration one can look to both books and movies for inspiration.

Of course working on a city fight game can often lead to even more modeling projects, such as a zone mortalis board to show the sewer rat fighting.  or modeling a group of scions and Valkyries like black hawk down.  Even doing a crashed Valkyrie for terrain.  This relatively inexpensive supplement has the ability to add countless hours of fun for hobby enthusiasts.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Raid into Guttar finale

Stygian infantry opened fire on the terminators.  A hail of lasgun fire and the sudden torrent unleashed by a flamer engulfed the heavily armored marines killing one of them and leaving the rest training their weapons on the stygian infantry.
The Stygian scout sentinel trained it's gun upwards toward the skytalon.  The reaper autocannon belched forth a flurry of shots that slammed into the aircraft to send it spinning into a burning wreck amongst the streets and ruins of Guttar.

The Daemons continued to hack apart the tactical squad losing one of their number in return.  The lone sergeant determined to hold out finally fell under the daemons frenzied blades leaving the warp spawn free to roam at will.

The terminators charged into the squad of Stygian infantry through a torrent of flames and lasfire.  These veteran warriors of a thousand wars quickly smashed the stygian infantry squad to pieces.
The remaining stormtalon dove through the hail of fire at the stygian sentinel and with a quick burst of fire blew the walkers cockpit to pieces and set it on fire.

Captain Perigin then fought the stygian command team.  As his honor guard dispatched the traitors retinue, perigin faced off against the stygian captain.  perigin's first slash staggered the stygian and the Arctic hawks captian suddenly lunged sending his relic blade through the traitors chest.

With the Stygian command team and artillery dispatched the Arctic Hawks quickly withdrew.  While they had inflicted great harm on the traitor forces their own losses had been equally grevious with the loss of the knight, two aircraft, and many battle brothers.  With little more to be gained the astartes withdrew to allow Imperial guard regiments to continue the work they had begun.
Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.