Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crashed Stygian Aquilla lander

During the Stygian Wars many Imperial Aircraft were captured then pressed into service by the Stygian Empire.  Some saw use as transports, others as electronic warfare birds, and still others as covert insertion and retrieval craft.  And a few were fitted with extra fuel and explosives for use as kamikaze missions when flown by deranged cultists.

Standard GW kit, added the dead kamikaze pilot fuel drums and the like to the kit, as well as building up the interior.  Besides scenery I also use this to represent the "Crash and Burn" stratagem in planetstrike games.  it fits the theme well and adds authentic scenery to a planetstrike game when used.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Alpha Legion Land speeder

Alpha Legion Land speeders were encountered throughout the Stygian Wars though never in large numbers.  The reason for the rarity of such sightings is due primarily to the fact that these are captured imperial vehicles that have been salvaged.  The other reason was the Alpha Legion primarily employed these vehicles as advanced scout craft in a recon capacity.  They rarely entered into active combat though reports of them used to harry Imperial infantry are also prevalent in a number of sightings.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Alpha Legion vindicator

The Alpha Legion often employed vindicators during the many sieges and attacks on fortified positions that occurred throughout the Stygian wars.  These powerful siege tanks proved very adept at eliminating strongpoints while the often possessed vehicles were often able to absorb incredible punishment without losing their combat effectiveness.

Standard chaos vindicator kit.  The gunner has had possessed parts added.  The corpses on the plow are from the vampire count corpse cart kit as are the braziers added to the kit.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Flesh Hounds

Khornate Flesh Hounds became a common sight on many warzones during the Stygian Wars.  Often they were summoned in and unleashed to hunt down Imperial infantry units.  Their speed and resilience proving to be quite formidable to most infantry units.  Often times they would tear through the front line and wreck absolute havoc in the rear areas before losing their grip with reality and drifting back into the warp.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Death Bots

Created by magos of the Dark Mechanicus, Death bots are fusions of technology, robotics, and warp craft.  The mechanical body is used to house the animus or spirit of a warp entity.  Death Bots are not as powerful as the corrupted Kastellean robots but are frequently employed in sentry duty of important sites.  Conversely they are also frequently employed in flashfire attacks where they drop to the planets surface and simply kill and destroy as much as possible before they are destroyed.

This model is from the Warmachine line.  I have added parts of a havoc launcher, a tentacle from the maulerfiend kit, and a few spikes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Alpha Legion Helbrute with multi melta

Used extensively throughout the Stygian wars Helbrutes with multimeltas made excellent all round weapons.  Capable of taking out both infantry or heavy armor this configuration provided tactical flexibility on the battlefield.  Most helbrutes marched alongside Stygian Militia units.  Often cults emerged worshiping the helbrutes as divine oracles of the dark gods of chaos.  Helbrutes such as the one above were often used during flash fire campaign.  During such campaigns the versatility and destructive potential of the helbrute was often realized.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Screamers of Tzeentch

Vicious warp predators, Screamers of Tzeentch were often unleashed into reality by Stygian Militia units.  With their uncanny speed and horrific bite capable of ripping open armored vehicles they added tremendous punch to stygian militia assaults.  Furthermore they would wreck havoc in Imperial rear areas after they pierced the Imperial main line of resistance.  Screamers were often seen hunting the battlefield in packs of three or more.  They were quick to become priority targets amongst Imperial armor crews.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dark herald of Tzeentch

Highly intelligent and deadly, heralds of Tzeentch were often seen on the battlefields of the Stygian Wars.  The ones often spotted during the Stygian Wars differed from your normal herald of Tzeentch thus earning the designation of dark heralds.  They wore plate armor in alpha Legion colors and their staff had a vicious blade attached.  They also tended to be bulkier and more geared to battle than regular heralds.  They often appeared after a sacrifice had been performed subsuming the sacrificial victims body.  On the battlefield they often summoned their daemonic kin and sought to wreck havoc on the mortal plan with a spitefulness that shocked those who witnessed it.

I have used a nephalim blood seer model from the Hordes line to represent a Dark Herald of Tzeentch.  I simply added it to a smaller base.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Flamers of Tzeentch

Flamers of Tzeentch were often summoned to the battlefield by Stygian forces.  They primarily were summoned during raids or breakthrough operations where they would be unleashed in the Imperials rear areas.  Horrifying to gaze upon they spread fear.  With their destructive abilities and arsonist tendancies they tended to set alight entire sectors of the imperium when unleashed behind their lines.  For a sorcerer attempting a summoning in the enemy rear few things could match the sheer destruction and havoc these daemons could unleash.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Battle for the Guttar Refinery finale

The battle was lost warpsmith Colseth thought bleakly.  They had given good account of themselves but the garrison, what remained of it must be withdrawn.  Colseth sent the orders across the vox and then uploaded the timer to his own special parting gift. 
The obliterator turned and made his way towards the bunker he had emerged from.  From their he would use the tunnels to escape this place and bring death to the Imperium another day.
The Heldrake heard the warpsmith's orders over the vox and swung low for a pass.  Imperials scurried to get out of the way of the strafing run never realizing they were not the target.  Not this time at least.  The storage tanks were full and as the heldrakes shots punched through the tanks the promethium inside ignited to create a massive firestorm. If they could not have victory they would have vengeance.

 Now Colseths last revenge played out.  The last commands entered into the burning control tower had enabled a gas build up and a delayed fuse booby trap to be triggered.  Across the refinery explosions blossomed and fireballs rose up to the sky.
Colseth was unsure if he had caught many Imperials in the detonations or if he had caught any at all.  The refinery would not serve the imperials now.  Let them taste victory he thought, and let it taste like ash in their mouths.

Special thanks goes out again to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with these battle reports and his contributions to this blog.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Battle for Guttar Refinery part6

Major Brusev fell back towards his chimera radioing in reinforcements to deal with the obliterator even as he ordered the final destruction of the Stygian Garrison.
The Vanquisher along with a squad of veterans targeted the side of the defiler.  plasma fire stressed the daemonic metal weakening it seconds before the vanquisher shell slammed into the defiler.  The weakened metal failed and the shell exploded in the heart of the stygian war machine which disappeared in a titanic explosion leaving only a smoking crater in it's wake.

The lone sentinel marched towards the immobilized helbrute and fired it's lascannon through the helm of the metal war machine.  The laser punching through with ease killing the occupant and setting the infernal machine aflame.
The other Veterans on the Imperial left flank watched the skittarii alpha fending off the stygian militia.  With a word they charged in with fixed bayonets.  The traitors turned and a few managed to raise their weapons but it was too late.  The Kharkovian veterans gutted the stygians with their bayonets even as a few knocked them to the ground and crushed their skulls with their rifle butts.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.