Battle of Guttar- Prefects Tower part 2

Major Riga of the 9th Liskavian guard regiment ordered his forces to meet the advancing stygians.  A chimera from the Kharkovian 5th regiment advanced towards the Stygian left flank.  As it rumbled forward it failed to spot the IED the Stygians had placed under a section of rubble and piping.  As the Apc got alongside the Stygian forces detonated the IED.  A massive and sudden explosion ripped the tracks off of the chimera.

Along the rest of the front the Liskavian units continued their advance albeit with greater caution.  They moved slowly keeping a watchful eye for further stygian booby traps.

Liskavian heavy weapon teams used plunging fire on the manticore on the stygian left flank.  Autocannon shots slammed into the artillery vehicle, stunning the crew and causing a tendril of smoke to rise out of the mobile rocket launcher.

Another Liskavian heavy weapons unit targeted the stygian chimera on the same flank.  Lascannon fire reached out striking the apc and stunning it's crew.

The last heavy weapon team on that flank opened fire with their autocannons as the greater Daemon of Tzeentch sending a flurry of fire into the daemon.  Shells slammed all around the warp entity but with only a single shot putting a hole into the beast eliciting a screech of rage that echoed across the battlefield.

On the other flank the demolisher opened fire on the chimera apc.  It's massive shell grazed the top of the hull down armored transport stunning the crew but failing to cause significant damage.

The Liskavian spotter tank checked the data it had on file and transmitted the coordinates to the Liskavian manticore two miles off.  A streak of fire filled the air as Liskavian counter battery fire slammed into the second stygian manticore.  Major Riga hoped it would be enough to silence the traitors artillery until his own units advancing below in the sewers could emerge and finish it.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with creating this battle report.


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