Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kharkovian Punisher Tank

A Variant of the standard Leman Russ tank, the punisher mounts not a battlecannon but rather the punisher gatling gun.  Designed to destroy infantry units with overwhelming firepower the Punisher variant was widely popular with Kharkovian guard units.  The example above carries in addition to the punisher gatling gun three heavy bolters for even more firepower to be used on infantry.  Stygian infantry rightly came to fear this tank.  During the Ushtab uprising a single punisher tank opened up on the insurgent mobs and cut down nearly four hundred of them inside five minutes, breaking the insurgents will and thwarting the insurgent coup in a stroke.

Standard GW kit with addition from the Buildings and fortifications kits.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Stygian Bastion

Although they are similar to Imperial bastions, those captured and constructed by the Stygian Empire differed in a number of significant ways.  While they retained the four heavy bolter mounts, Stygian bastions often included Havoc launchers mounted on the battlements.  Additionally they often had missile launchers and plasma cannons firing ecto plasma added.  These cannons drew their energy from the bastion itself.
Stygian Bastions appear to be partially possessed.  This allowed them to fuel the plasma cannons and accounts to the energy nodes with screaming faces along with the bleeding walls.  The supposed possession of such bastions also greatly aided the ease with which summoning could be performed.  One bastion in particular seemed to harbor malignant life, the so called Verden Bastion famous for its self repairing walls, mass daemonic incursions in it's presence.  It was observed the greater the carnage the stronger it became.
Stygian Bastions served as defensive bulwarks and also as places of worship.  Many of these bastions contained pulpits with heretical tomes on them to preach to the masses. 

Standard GW kit with bit's added from the chaos accessory sprue, the forgefiend kits, and Helbrute kits.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kharkovian armored sentinels

Kharkovian Guard regiments made frequent use of armored sentinels.  Armed with a lascannon they were primarily used as an armor hunting detachment.  With their heavier armor they were able to withstand far more punishment than a scout sentinel while retaining the mobility to traverse difficult terrain obstacles.  Furthermore they were known to occasionally charge into combat with the infantry units giving them more combat power while being generally immune to enemy attacks.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Kharkovian mech infantry with chimera

A Kharkovian veteran squad accompanied by a primaris psyche and Chimera transport.  Such units were a mainstay in Kharkovian Guard regiments.  Capable of taking on any type of infantry and light armor they were viewed as very combat effective.  With the Chimera they could often engage heavy armor units on the flank where the armor was thinner leading to some of these units becoming specialized as tank hunters.  Such tank hunting units often had a psyche attached to increase effectiveness.  During the Stygian wars these units were high priority targets of Stygian forces who sought to capture the psyche and turn them to chaos.

Standard GW kits with the addition of Scribor plates to the chimera.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Incident at outpost 217 finale

Reeling from the Daemonic onslaught and keenly aware of the danger posed by daemonic invasion through a warp rift Captan Zhukor ordered his marines to break contact and get out of outpost 217.  Zhukor had accomplished the recon part of the mission now he was determined to get out and level the site with orbital strikes from the orbiting strike cruiser.

Zhukor cursed as the vox came to life and the vindicator informed him that he was cut off escape impossible and asked Zhukor commend his soul to the emperor.  Knowing he was doomed the vindicator commander was determined to extract a small measure of vengeance even as daemons encircled his vehicle.  The massive daemon prince stood next to the serpentine spawn over his butchered brothers in the open.  The vindicator fired it's massive cannon and suddenly the deamon prince and serpent spawn were engulfed in the fury of a titanic detonation.  As the blast cleared only a massive crater remained where the two had once stood.

With the sudden removal of Daemon prince Colzat the warp began to run wild as the tether holding the daemons to reality began to break.  The daemons knew the only way to keep from being sucked back into the warp was with violence and bloodshed.  They screamed rage and threw themselves recklessly at the space marines still there.  The vindicator was promptly ripped open and it's crew gutted before the vehicle was set alight .  it was revenge for Colzat but it did not change the fact that no new hordes of daemons would be coming to overwhelm the moon in a full daemonic incursion.

Zhukor mentally blessed the vindicator crew as he withdrew out of outpost 217.  The killing of the daemon prince would undoubtedly halt further daemonic incursion.  Still the outpost was tainted and one did not take any risks when dealing with a possible daemonic invasion.  He contacted the strike cruiser and ordered the site be declared perditas and scoured from the moons surface.  No daemonic taint was to remain.  Only when confirmation of his orders was confirmed did Zhukor allow himself a respite.  This was a victory, a costly one true but a victory none the less, the Stygian plot had been foiled.
Special thanks to Chris Edstrom (Seen below) for all his help with this battle report.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Incident at outpost 217 part4

With the Ambush well and truly sprung the Guardians attempted to push through.  The lone survivor of the flamer attack spun around and emptied a clip at the daemons.  However given their propensity at movement he failed to injure even one of the daemons.  A second combat squad disembarked and along with the vindicator took the daemon prince and the spawn under tremendous fire.  Colzat laughed as the shots failed to hurt him.  His haunting laughter echoing across the battlefield.

The lone Blood reaper continued to hack and slash at the two remaining marines.  Only their superhuman reflexes kept them from falling to the blood reaper as they repeatedly dodged out of the way unable to land a single blow in return.
From the warp Colzat now summoned new aid using the blood of the fallen to do so.  A green mist formed behind the marine vindicator and out of it shambled plaugebearers.  Their arrival completed the encirclement of the Guardian chapter task force.
Meanwhile with the sound of howling five fleshhounds leapt through the warp and into reality behind on of the rhinos.  Their snarls putting all on notice as to their intent.

Meanwhile the second unit of bloodletters swarmed the two Guardian marines fighting the lone blood reaper.  With a fury of blades the two marines were hacked to pieces and the bloodletters rushed to join the fleshhounds on the hunt.

The lone survivor of the flamer attack watched as the creatures leapt over him heading towards the recently dismounted squad before he could shout a warning he saw the winged spawn hurtling towards him.  he snapped off a short burst just missing the beast as it slammed into him.  His armor held but the serpent like thing was quick, too quick for him to get a clean shot off and so he ducked and dodged the beast trying franticly to gain an opening with which to kill it.
The three flamers jumped behind the dismounted marines.  No sooner did the squad leader Brother Sergeant Kuzov begin to turn his head then his squad was engulfed in flames.  Kuzov felt himself thrown back as men in his squad, his brothers threw themselves in front of the flames in an effort to spare their heroic sergeant.  As the flames dissipated only Kuzov remained.

Brother Sergeant Kuzov started to turn to gun down the abominations when suddenly Colzat rushed at him.  With lightning quickness Colzat thrust the tip of the blade through Kuzov an uttered the invocation.  Kuzov started to scream but his cries were cut short as his mind and body mutated around him leaving only a mindless serpentine spawn forever tied to Colzat's will.  Colzat roared in triumph, with the new asartes blood he could unleash a daemonic tide to swamp this entire moon.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom for all his invaluable help with this battle report.