Saturday, September 24, 2016

Incident at orbital outpost 447

Outpost 447 in the main asteroid belt of the Thantor system had suddenly gone dark.  No communications of any kind were emitted from it for a three week period.  The Thantor System was well behind the frontlines of the Stygian Wars, and the entire system was thought to be under firm Imperial control.
      A Passing fast attack craft of the Adeptus Astartes Apocalypse Angels Chapter was passing through system on it's way to the front.  A request was made to investigate outpost 447.  This request was granted and the fast attack craft arrived and sent down a storm talon to do a quick recon of the outpost.  The recon revealed the facility had power still and no damage could be seen on the exterior.  However there was no sign of life.  A five man tactical squad was dispatched to investigate.
Under the cover of the circling Gunship the squad advanced on the entrance into the outpost.  Using override codes the marines entered the facility and began their search.  The initial entry showed no signs of confrontation and their armor sensors could detect no virus or toxin in the air.  Slowly the marines advanced.
They entered the first large room and saw the writing on the walls along with the blood sprayed crimson across it.

A search of the rest of the facility turned up the bodies of the entire crew that had manned the outpost.  Their bodies butchered with obvious savageness.  Still the marines could find no trace of the attackers who had put the outpost to the sword.  At last they activated the security camera playbacks and the truth was revealed.  One of the adepts assigned to the outpost had been a latent psycher who had hidden his affliction from the authorities.  over time he had slowly lost his sanity and become corrupt, bargaining with the voices in the warp that only he could hear.  At last the voices overwhelmed him and he summoned in a small horde of bloodthirsty daemons that hacked him apart.  Then they rampaged through the outpost.  Surprise was total and they met little resistance slaughtering all they came across until none were left.  Then with no more blood shed to sustain them they vanished back into the warp leaving only butchery behind.

The marines then left the outpost filing their report with the system authorities along with a warning.  it was plain on the video they said the consequences that occur when one is less than vigilant in spotting the witch.  Suffer not the witch to live the marines stated, or face the fate of outpost 447.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trip wire Defense detachment

Above- A squad from the 114th Anglican Regiment mans a prefab watch tower on Smarkad III.  The squad heavy weapon consists of a mortar and the squad is deployed as a Trip Wire Defense Detachment.  This detachment manned the Watchtower calling down artillery strikes and even launching their own limited mortar strikes on any suspected insurgents sighted.  Furthermore the watch tower has been placed on key terrain features to discourage the insurgents from operating in the area.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


To High Command Smarkad III
From Sector Command
Thought for the day- We stand his will made flesh

Your request for an additional five regiments can not be fulfilled at this time due to demands placed by additional warzones in the sector.  We have sent however an additional two regiments and a battalion of labor to aid in your defense.  Given the pressure you are under we recommend adopting these additional forces into a trip wire defense.  With that in mind a single company has been detached from the 85th militarum tempestus regiment for use as a Special operations detachment for Smarkad III.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spartan STC 3

During the Stygian Wars both sides made extensive use and fought over prefab buildings.  Due to the utilitarian design and flexibility the Spartan STC fro prefab structures was often used.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Spartan STC 2

During the Stygian War both sides made extensive use of prefab buildings.  The Spartan STC design was in common use by both sides due to it's utilitarian quality and adaptability.  The piece above could be used as a squad shelter or to connect two larger prefab structures together.

This was a Spartan Scenic kit that I would recommend only to very experienced and patient modelers.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spartan STC 1

During the Stygian Wars prefab buildings from STC templates were in common use.  One STC set was known as the Spartan STC set which made fro quick rugged dependable buildings capable of multiple uses but with a minimum effort placed on aesthetics.  This large building template comes with a working computer system and capable off multiple different specializations.

NOTE- SPARTAN SCENICS KIT  WARNING WARNING WARNING.  Forgeworld like directions at best and being charitable.  Not a friendly kit for faint of heart.  While the end result looks great with what I have accomplished I will never do another Spartan Scenic kit again.  There were so many issues and hurdles to this project that it simply wasn't funny.