Battle of Guttar - Daemonic Raid part 4

The Daemons continued their advance seeking to scour the streets of Guttar of all Imperial advance.  The Herald and fleshhound moved to assault the fortified platoon's building with the other bloodletters moving up to exploit any breach and ensure the building would become a charnel house.

The bloodletters on the Imperial left flank poured out of the ruins onto the flank of the special weapons squad howling their bloodlust as they burst out into the streets,
The special weapons squad turned and triggered short bursts into the daemons suddenly beside them.  but it was too little, far too late.  Corrupt blades burning with hellfire swung severing heads and removing limbs.  In an instant all the special weapons squad was cut down save one guardsman who tried to flee only to be run down by the daemons, who laughingly cut him in two from behind.

Meanwhile the herald burst into the building along with a fleshhound into 1rst squad.  The Heralds monsterous axe swinging wide decapitating a number of Anglican guardsmen as the Herald laughed.  The fleshhound took down another guardsman with it's blood covered jaws.  But suddenly the fleshhound howled in pain as a bayonet slammed into it's side wounding it.  The guardsmen on 1rst squad stood firm before the horror that had come crashing into them determined to sell their lives dearly.

Special thanks goes out again to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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