Battle of Guttar- Prefects Tower part 1

With the Battle of Guttar raging all around, Major Astor of the Stygian guard observed the situation that now confronted him.  His orders were to take the Prefects Tower and turn it into an observation post for Stygian Artillery.  His Scouts however reported elements of the 9th Liskavian Regiment and the 5th Kharkovian regiment were also advancing on the tower.  Major Astor quickly ordered a pincer maneuver.  he was going to crush the imperial forces then take the tower.  As he voxed out the orders his units swept out while a few units made directly for the Prefects tower.

The Stygian psyche stood tall his flesh carved with runes.  The importance of the tower had required the ultimate sacrifice and so he had been called up to the front.  Slowly the psycher chanted the words and allowed the warp to overtake him, inviting it in.  The Stygians needed a doorway to the other realmn stable enough for endless hosts to arrive.  The psycher was suddenly cast in a black nimbus and as it flickered out the psycher was gone.  Instead there was a strange lord of change arrayed for battle with armor and a twisted sword instead of a staff.  The cackle of the greater daemon echoing across the battlefield.

Major Astor viewed the battlefield.  A Liskavian demolisher tank ws advancing up the street.  Quickly Astor ordered a manticore and his own master of ordinance to target the tank.  A rumble of artillery fire followed by massive explosions that engulfed the demolisher.  As the bombardment subsided the tank was smoking clearly damaged but still operable.

The other manticore fired it's rockets skyward on an arc to come crashing down on the massive amounts of infantry advancing on the prefects tower.  A series of explosions blew apart the guardsmen.  And yet onward the Liskavians came through the hammering rocket barrage, the screamed sermon of their priest infusing them with the grim fanatical resolve to triumph or die.

On the Stygian left flank a chimera and a russ tank poured more fire into the mass of infantry advancing on the prefects tower.  yet more Liskavian infantry fell while the remainder continued to press onwards.

meanwhile the Stygian scout sentinel opened up with it's autocannon at the heavy weapons teams in the ruins overlooking the advance of the Stygian left flank.  The shots ripped apart one of the heavy weapons teams and forced the others to hurriedly displace.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) whose help made this battle report possible.


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