Battle of Guttar incident 72 finale

Despite the increasing hail of Kren ordered his team forward towards the target.  Shots whizzed by as the remnants of his team dashed the final yards.  Quickly they readied their satchel charges.

Kren and his men threw five modified satchel charges into the ruins.  Kren 's own charge was filled with glass jars of an alchemists concoction that the witch had called naptha.  Suddenly day turned into night as the charges detonated inside.  A massive fireball erupted in the building and Kren could hear the screams as the senior officers were roasted alive.

Suddenly a few scorched and dazed bodyguards stumbled out of the inferno that had seconds before been a field headquarters.  Kren opened fire on them cutting them down as he laughed like a maniac.
Guardsmen from the 87th Anglican flocked towards the burning funeral pyre that was their hq.  The flames making the streets as bright as daylight.  Kren knew their would be no escape.  it didn't matter he would go to the dark gods knowing he was blessed in their eyes his duty done.  Laughing Kren and his men opened fire at the onrushing imperials.  Kren never even felt the return fire that cut him and his team down.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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