Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Caught in the Streets

Marcos II outpost 712.  After Marcos II was hit by the zombie plague that decimated the planets population and the PDF (Planetary Defense Force) Imperial Guard Regiments were sent in to restore order.  Soldiers of the 18th Anglican regiment are suddenly swarmed in the street by plague zombies as they attempt to retake outpost 712.  Caught off guard the begin to fall back rapidly.  The squads Sergeant stays behind firing his laspistol and wielding his chainsword as he sells his life to enable the rest of the squad to escape and rally.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Air Assault on Hoshnar Refinery

Stygian forces accompanied by Alpha Legion Marines conduct an air assault on the Hoshnar Refinery.  Hell Talon bombers have struck first setting the surrounding area alight and hammering any Imperial ground defense of the refinery.  A hell blade fighter circles overhead providing air cover for the aerial assault force.  The Valkyries offload stygian soldiers and Alpha Legion marines to overrun the refinery and occupy it until the arrival of friendly ground forces.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ambush predator in Volgagrad

Above-  A Forgefiend has ambushed two Anglican Imperial Guard Squads in the ruins of Volgagrad on Vexus Prime.  The Daemonic war machine has wrecked two taurox's in the initial surprise attack and is now in the process of mowing down the surviving infantry.  The forgefiend proved to be an adept ambush predator in the fighting in and over Volgagrad.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Daemon haunted ruins

Above-  Khorne Bloodletters emerge out of a flaming ruin to surprise a group of Anglicans on patrol in Volgagrad on Vexus Prime.  The large number of warp incursions that occurred during the fighting there left certain areas "haunted" with daemonic entities liable to pounce on any that strayed into those areas.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Raid on Supply Depot Theta 12

Smarkad III.  With the insurgency on Smarkad III increasing daily the Alpha Legion overlords of the Stygian Empire decided the time was right for a strike upon supply Depot Theta 12.  A small hunter killer team of Alpha Legion marines infiltrated through the forests under the command of Champion Tessorus, within easy striking distance of the imperial compound.
Tessorus saw the weak guard force and ordered a quick assault.  Alpha Legion marines stormed out of the forest cutting apart a roving guardsman with a chosen's lightning claws even as the other Alpha Legion marines scoured guardsmen off the battlements with bolter fire.  Surprised the two gate guards attempted to resist but were rapidly cut down.

Rapidly the Alpha legion marines attached charges to the main entrance while another of their number set up a booby trap on one of the Imperial corpses.  A sudden flash and explosion and the way was clear.  The chosen with lightning claws led the way through the smoke filled hall towards the lone guard.  The guardsman fired a burst with his rifle into the approaching marine with the rounds bouncing harmlessly off his armor.  In seconds the guard was carved to pieces as the claws of the chosen reached him.

Another blast rocked the compound as the next set of doors was blown open.  The Alpha Legion marines raced into the main room only to run into the storm of fire from the sergeant n charge and one other guardsman.  The two emptied their guns to no effect into the Alpha Legion marines who were upon them before they could reload, hacking and slashing them to death.

With practiced speed and precision born of centuries of fighting the long war, the Alpha Legion Marines set charges and put the depot to the torch.  A few of their number carefully emplaced a couple of land mines near the entrance in order to inflict even more losses on the Imperium when the response force arrived on the scene.  The Alpha Legion Marines then left as quickly as they had arrived melting back into the forests and headed towards their next target.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Insurgent weapons cache

A group of Stygian Insurgents gather on the deserted outskirts of an imperial colony.  There they equip themselves from the weapons cache that had been secretly deposited there months in advance.  Now well armed they are free to strike suddenly into the colony with far more firepower than the imperials believe possible.  The Alpha Legion and Stygian Empire used these weapon caches to further insurgency across the sector and draw Imperial forces into new battlefronts that quickly became quagmires of insurgency warfare.

industrial ruins A

A small industrial building wrecked during fighting in the Stygian Wars.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Incursion at Volgagrad

Above- A terminator clad Alpha Legion sorcerer summons in a daemonic incursion in the streets of Volgagrad on Vexus Prime.  The outnumbered Anglicans already are breaking off contact in an effort to get away.  Throughout the Volgagrad battles Alpha legion and Stygian forces made widespread use of Daemonic incursions that saw sections of the city became "Haunted" with the warp predators hunting any and all that entered their territory.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PDF plague zombies

Planetary Defense Forces or PDF units were often the first to respond to areas where plague zombie outbreaks took place.  Often these units would be overrun by the plague zombies in the initial confusion and be added to the ranks of the dead.

The models are from Mantic Games.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The razing of settlement 414

A pair of Hell Talon Bombers make another pass over settlement 414 which was being used by Imperial forces as a forward supply dump.  The Hell Talon bomber slipped through the imperial air defense network and proceeded to raze the settlement and the supply depot in a matter of minutes.  The Stygian Wars saw a number of brutal and sudden bombing raids by both sides throughout the war.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

plague zombies

During the Stygian Wars the Alpha Legion made use of the plague known as the curse of disbelief.   This disease turned those it infected into violent zombies.  Alpha Legion agents spread it to worlds and colonies behind the imperial lines.  Often civilian populations were decimated in the initial outbreak.

The models are from Mantic Games.

haemotrope reactor

During the Stygian Wars both sides made extensive use of haemotrope reactors.  So much so in fact they often became the focus of battles for control of the reactor.  The presence of a single reactor upon a battlefield virtually assured it becoming an objective for both sides.