Dark Mechanicus Cybernetica Datasmith

During the Stygian Wars Cybernetica Datasmiths of the Dark Mechanicus  often were spotted accompanying kastellan robot maniples.  These Datasmiths were well equipped for war with power fists and Gamma pistols at the ready as they accompanied their charges.  They also had advanced targeting array's grafted into them like the one shown above.  heavily augmented the datasmiths were well armored with many also bearing refractor fields on their person.  Furthermore their extensive augmentics left them as devoid of feeling pain as their charges.  Worse for Imperial forces in the Stygian wars was the fact that these datasmiths hailed from the cybernetica arm of the dark mechanicum.  During the Stygian Wars many from that arm practiced cybertheurgy rites from the dark age of technology with often horrifying results.

This model is from the hi tech minatures line.


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