Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mutant Rebels

As the Stygian Wars continued the Stygian Empire continued to use subversion to sow confusion and tie down Imperial forces.  Many Imperial worlds had large suppressed mutant populations.  Often these mutants lived in slave like conditions.  Alpha Legion and Stygian operatives covertly freed small handfuls of these mutants and even supplied them with limited arms and explosives encouraging them to form resistance movements.
These small rebellions often took the form of hit and run raids across the planets affected.  Mutants would suddenly storm into sections of a hive or settlement, lay everything to waste and retreat back to the shadows in order to avoid retribution.  These mutant rebels began tying down more and more forces destined originally for the front lines of the Stygian Wars.

For these models I used catachan bodies with additional parts from the old chaos mutation sprue.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Anglican platoon leader Taurox

Anglican armored companies often used the Taurox apc throughout the Stygian Wars.  With their all terrain capability and hefty firepower they would sometimes be tasked with carrying entire platoons across no mans land.  Platoon leader's Taurox apc's differed only in the fact that a sergeant often commanded the track of the platoon level leadership squad.

Standard Taurox kits with extras from vehicle accessory sprues.  The gunner is an Imperial trooper from the 1998 warzone kit with the normal trooper head switched out with that of a sergeant.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Extraction of SOG team 27 finale

With their guns dry Krell and his wingman disengaged and began racing away along the river.  That left one helblade to tangle with the remaining thunderbolt.  Krell was already voxing in requests for further air support to ensure the success of the mission

Lt. Snyder in the remaining thunderbolt swung his thunderbolt into a tomahawk attack position against the remaining helblade.  it was a maneuver that relied on the heavier armor and firepower of his thunderbolt versus the light armor of the helblade.  He already had one kill and as his finger flicked the switch to guns he depressed the trigger sending a hail of fire to shred the chaos aircraft.

Pilskin knew dread as he saw his remaining escort go down in flames.  The thunderbolt was swooping in for the kill and pilskin cut far to the right at the last minute letting the Imperial overshoot his position.  Franticly he voxed the SOG team he was coming in hot.

Pilskin gunned his engines and dived down towards the LZ he could see the thunderbolt coming in to his left.  In desperation his door gunner began firing the door mounted heavy bolter at the thunderbolt.  Shockingly Pilskin saw sparks fly off the nose of the imperial aircraft but the heavy bolter rounds failed to even make a dent in the thunderbolts heavy frontal armor plates.
Lt. Snyder saw the flashes of the door gunner firing at him even as he dived in for the kill.  Snyder depressed the trigger and sent a stream of shots through the side of the Valkyrie shredding the crew and igniting the fuel lines.  The lumbering transport burst into flames before crashing into the LZ where SOG team 27 was waiting.

With the Stygian extraction mission burning on the ground Lt. Snyder winged over and began flying back to base with two kills to his credit this day.
Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help including the use of his thunderbolts in this battle report.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Extraction of SOG team 27 part 3

Krell fought the mounting G's as he rolled his helblade over.  His wingman rolled over a fraction of a second faster and opened fire on the thunderbolt that was now tailing Pilsken's Valkyrie.  The stream of tracer rounds flew just over the Valkyrie causing excited chatter on the vox.  The Thunderbolt viffed sideways then viffed back.  Over the vox Krell heard his wingman declare his ammo was now out.

The thunderbolt now lined up behind the Valkyrie.  The imperial pilot let off a sustained burst of fire .  The imperial watched as his rounds stitched geysers in the river leading towards the rear of the Valkyrie.
Pilsken felt the Valkyrie suddenly shudder as rounds impacted into it.  There was a sudden wet feeling on his shoulder and suddenly there was blood on his instrument panels.  Over the vox he could hear the left door gunner screaming their right engine was on fire and that a round had blown the right door gunner apart.  At least Pilsken thought with some relief he now knew where the blood had come from.

Krell cursed as he saw the Valkyrie suddenly hit.  For a second he thought the whole mission a bust it was a relief to see it right itself and continue to race on towards the LZ.  Krell targeted the pursuing thunderbolt and depressed the firing stud.  A stream of tracers slammed into the wing of the thunderbolt as it tried to viff out of the way.  The rounds tore the wing apart and the imperial fighter went down to crash in flames by the river just as Krell's warning lights signaled that like his wingman, his guns were now dry.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report, including the use of his thunderbolts!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Extraction of SOG team 27 part2

Krell banked around to try and line up a shot on the advancing thunderbolts.  The routine extraction mission was rapidly degenerating into a full fledged furball that endangered the success of the mission.  With a grunt of Joy he lined up on an Imperial thunderbolt.  Krell thumbed the trigger and a string of shots slammed into the imperial fighter causing it to smoke and flame.

The Undamaged Thunderbolt lined up on the other two escorting helblades.  A sudden chime in his ear vox told him his missiles had good tone.  With a quick depression of the joystick trigger he launched two missiles.  The pair flew straight at an amazing spped of mach five slamming into the fighter head one.  Between the incredibly high speeds, small size of the aircraft,  and the massive ordinance payload, the helblade simply vanished into a fireball leaving flaming fuel scattered across the sands.

Both sides continued to maneuver as the extraction rapidly degenerated into a full blown furball.
Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report including the use of his thunderbolts.
That's right Maxim 1 Pillage Then Burn.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Extraction of SOG team 27

The Stygian empire made frequent use of SOG or special operation group teams to conduct operations behind Imperial lines.  During Operation Scimitar the stygians used these teams to keep imperial forces off balance as they pulled units off the front to send as reinforcements for the battles taking part in the area of Operation Scimitar.  SOG team 27 went in conducted numerous hit and run raids then called for extraction not knowing their signal was intercepted.  Just as the Stygians sent out a retrieval force the imperials launched their own air forces to intercept.

Krell and his wingman flew out in front on primary intercept duties.  Behind him were two more helblades escorting the Valkyrie piloted by Pilsken.  it was standard formation on extraction missions, one interceptor group and one escort group.  Krell raced along the Tagrus river when suddenly his lidar lit up.  Over the vox the others confirmed the presence of three thunderbolt fighters.  Krell kicked in his afterburners and moved to intercept.
Krell and his wingman lined up on the first thunderbolt.  The pair of them opening fire at once.  Autocannon rounds streaked out and the thunderbolt tried to viff out of the way but krell's shots clipped the wing.  Under the impact the thunderbolt jerked back and into the wall of fire put out by Krell's wingman.  The thunderbolt came apart under the deluge of shells sending a flaming wreck to crash alongside the river.

Meanwhile another of the thunderbolts opened up with long range gunfire at the escorting helblades.  Numerous rounds reached out forcing the helblade to viff out of the way.  Over the vox Pilsken reported the Valkyrie was ok as he relayed to command that this simple extraction of SOG team 27 was now in danger of mission failure.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help including the use of his thunderbolts in this battle report.