Raid into Guttar part3

Captain Vecco Voxed in the contact report of Space marines to higher headquarters then ordered his ofrces to begin an all out assault to wipe them out.  A vox reply from upper command recommended caution but Captain Vecco dismissed it.  The Imperial force was shattered this was no time for caution.  All along the his Front Captain Vecco's forces advanced.
Vecco ordered his heavy weapon teams into action.  Directing them at the Imperial drop pod.  The imperial craft would not serve as a beacon to any imperial reinforcements.  Lascannon fire lashed out damaging the pod and starting it on fire.

Next the manticore opened fire sending a hail of rockets into the arctic hawks.  Explosions engulfed the adeptus astartes and their drop pod.  Secondary explosions followed as the drop pod exploded under the onslaught.  But as the shelling ceased the loyalist marines still stood battered but determined to see to their duty.

Stygian vehicles opened fire with multilasers, heavy bolters and heavy machine gun fire at the scout squad in the center.  Shot after shot slammed into the runs and within minutes all the scouts were cut down under that murderous deluge of fire.

A stygian Scout sentinel targeted the landspeeder storm.  The heavy shells slamming into the hover craft and sending it to crash down in flames, thus finishing off the Imperial center.

The bloodletters howling with fury ran at the Imperial left flank.  Arctic hawk marines blazed away with their bolters but the blood maddened daemons charged on.  Their hellforged blades rose and fell chopping down a few of the marines.  But these were the Emperors chosen, they would face the horror of the warp and keep fighting  without a backward step.  And so a swirling melee erupted between the arctic hawks and their daemonic foe.  Total victory seemed within the stygian forces grasp.

Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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