Gates of Guttar part 5

With the battle heating up the Stygian forces continued to press their attack.  Ramps were dropped and Stygian infantry stormed out and forwards in an effort to break the imperial vanguard.
A platoon commander and retinue ran past their damaged chimera to level plasma guns at the imperial chimera in front of them.  As they fired two of the guns overheated blowing apart two of the stygians in a puff of flame and screams.  the other gunner though slammed his shot through the chimera's hull and set the apz ablaze.

Another dismounted stygian team ran up toward the flame throwing chimera and fired a melta blast into it.  The nuclear fire set off the ammo and fuel lines and the apc exploded.  A few dazed veteran guardsmen survived the blast to be rallied by a redemptionist priest howling a sermon of righteous vengeance.

The final dismounted Stygian team fired their meltagun into the punisher burning through the hull to leave the tank a burning wreck.

The manticore opened up launching rockets into the sentinels that were outflanking the stygian line.  The hail of rocket fire engulfed the walkers and quickly wrecked them both leaving them a blazing testimony to the manticore's power.

The other manticore opened up on the basilisk.  its shells slamming down into the imperial artillery.  Hammered by stygian artillery the basilisk exploded leaving the priest and veterans surrounded by burning wreckage.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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