Editorial- Cities of Death

The Cities of Death supplement provides us all with a way to play Stalingrad type games.  it has been one of my favorite supplements since it came out and thankfully it has been updated in white dwarf.  Fighting through a city is a multigame process in my view with a ton of narrative scenario ideas.  Luckily this supplement provides a number of different scenarios that you can link together to form a narrative campaign.
Another nice feature of this supplement is the use of stratagems to evoke a unique city fighting experience.  For the hobby aspect it gives modelers a chance to rummage through bitz boxes to tailor our city fight games.  The book even includes and excellent section on modeling these very stratagems.

Finally we come to terrain.  part of the appeal of a city fight is the chance to play on amazing terrain.  This supplement contains a wonderful modeling section for terrain but one can easily go to other sources such as the first city fight book for advice on scratch building terrain.  For inspiration one can look to both books and movies for inspiration.

Of course working on a city fight game can often lead to even more modeling projects, such as a zone mortalis board to show the sewer rat fighting.  or modeling a group of scions and Valkyries like black hawk down.  Even doing a crashed Valkyrie for terrain.  This relatively inexpensive supplement has the ability to add countless hours of fun for hobby enthusiasts.


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