Gates of Guttar finale

With the Stygians in retreat the priest led his squad forward extolling the guardsmen to cut them down and waving his relics over his head.

Other guardsmen ran to the aid of major Konev who was even now emerging from the flames, voxing orders for a light pursuit only.  They had done their job and won the outskirts the so called gates of Guttar.  He did not need to lose what remained of his command to an Alpha Legion ambush inside the city.
The lone russ advanced slowly then firing blindly at the retreating Stygians.  The roar of it's battlecannon drowning out the sound of even the crackling fires of burning vehicles.
Meanwhile the lone sentinel came across the manticore that had just fired on Major Konev.  The sentinel commander leveled the lascannon and gleefully depressed the firing stud.  This was imperial justice, a swift execution and a fitting fate for the cowards who had tried to murder the major.  The lascannon shot set the Stygian artillery ablaze.

Meanwhile the Stygian forces continued to retreat bitter with the knowledge that the Gates of Guttar had fallen, and yet hopeful that they could turn Guttar itself into a graveyard of imperial regiments.

Special thanks again to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his invaluable help with this battle report.


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