Battle of Guttar incident 72 part 1

With Imperial forces making an all out push to take the Guttar hab zone, Stygian forces defending the city resorted to every trick at their disposal.  Booby trapping likely approach routes and installing hidden observation posts along with fortifying defenses.  One of the hidden observation groups detected a number of senior officers of the 87th Anglican regiment using a ruin as a command post.

In an effort to disrupt Imperial command and control a select group of Stygian militia were chosen.  These were amongst the most dedicated and fanatical of the bunch.  Given demo charges they were tasked with leveling the ruin serving as the 87th regiments headquarters and wiping out the 87th's senior leadership.  The Stygian kill team then infiltrated the imperial front line and moved in on their target.
The imperial sentries patrolled the perimeter.  Sneaking up on one patrol group the Stygians made ready to attack them from behind and cut their throats before the alarm could be shouted.  Suddenly a single guardsman glanced back and saw them approaching.  He opened fire wildly as the stygians charged.  Kren the militia leader cursed.

Kren swung his sword across at the guardsman.  The tip of his blade took the imperial dog in the throat sending him crashing down into the street gurgling a death rattle.  His men were on the guardsmen, some of whom were shouting even as Kren's men hacked them apart.
In seconds the Imperials were all down.  Their broken bodies carved up and cooling in the streets.  Kren prayed silently and fervently to the dark gods that the sounds of the sentries death would be lost in the background of shots and explosions echoing through the night as the battle for Guttar raged.  Quickly Kren signaled his squad to continue to advance towards the objective.
Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for his help with this battle report.


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