Raid into Guttar part 5

Captain Vecco and the Stygian forces reeled under the suddenness of the renewed Imperial onslaught.  Just when victory had been within their grasp it had been ripped away by the sudden appearance of the Arctic Hawks second wave.  A stygian psychic survivor of the exploding chimera uttered curses and incantations.  A sudden tear in the fabric of reality appeared and out stepped even more blood drenched daemons eager for battle.

Meanwhile a veritable hail of fire began to erupt from the heavy weapons and command tem at the imperial aircraft.  A single lascannon shot from the command team hit the Stormraven causing a wing to belch smoke.

The surviving manticore opened fire on the drop pod squad sending a single air bursting rocket to shower the marines with fire and shrapnel.  The blast hammered one marine down but the rest shrugged off the fire safe in their armor.

A single chimera opened fire at the other squad in the ruins anchoring the Imperial left flank.  A high energy mutilaser shot slamming into and dropping one of the tactical marines.

Another Chimera got a lucky shot into a storm talon.  The multilaser scorched one of the aircrafts engines causing it to smoke.

Meanwhile daemons prowled through the imperial rear area hunting anything that lived.
Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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