Gates of Guttar part3

With Major Astar dead the Stygians stuck to the battleplan and continued to race forwards in the attack.  Chimer's moved up and even began to dismount tank hunting infantry.  the light of early morning was now upon them.

A Stygian with meltagun ran down the chimeras ramp then raced towards the Vanqusher.  He leveled the meltagun and fired cutting through the tank and detonating it's fuel and ammo.  The vanquisher tank vanished in a massive fireball.

Meanwhile a scout sentinel fired it's autocannon at a wyvern stunning the imperial artillery piece with it's heavy shells.

The devil dog fired at the Imperial punisher.  The meltacannon blowing off a heavy bolter sponson as the punisher tried jerking away from the fire.

The hellhound continued to bound forward it's turret spewing a torrent of flames into the guardsmen who had just escaped their burning chimera.  Screams rose as a number of them were consumed by the terrifying flame cannon.

The heavy weapons squad on the Stygian left flank targeted the sentinels two lascannon beams slamming into one of the hapless walkers and blowing it completely apart.

A manticore opened up then firing counterbattery and slew of rockets slamming into the wyverns and exploding.  One rocket hit the mortar shells and one of the wyverns was quickly turned into nothing more than a flame wreathed crater.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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