Raid into Guttar part 2

Despite the loss of the Knight the Arctic hawks remained grimly determined to see their duty to the Emperor done.  They had observed the Stygian fire and now ha a good fix on the Stygian positions.  They then voxed that information to the reinforcements coming in the second wave.  A sreaming then filled the air as a lone drop pod punched through the sky to slam into the ground by a manticore and its infantry support squad.  The ramps flew down and out burst Arctic hawk marines bolters at the ready.
On the threatened Imperial right flank the lone squad of Arctic Hawks leveled their boltguns and opened up on the advancing Stygian squad.  The hail of fire punched through the ruins windows and walls to scythe down the stygian troops.

 Meanwhile on the left flank the Arctic Hawk Squad returned fire on the Stygian picket squad.  Disciplined volleys of bolter fire slammed into the Stygian guardsman.  A number of them were cut down but the remainder stood firm.

Meanwhile the Arctic Hawks that disembarked from the drop pod leveled their boltguns.  Chanting litanies of hate they opened fire.  Round after round punching into and shredding the Stygian troops.  The bark of the bolters acting as a steady hymn to the marines chanted litanies.  With the infantry support suddenly wiped out the manticore was vulnerable.

Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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