Raid into Guttar part 6

A sudden flash of light appeared behind the russ battle tank and suddenly a squad of Arctic hawk terminators appeared.  The Stormraven meanwhile quickly touched down.  Pounding down it's assault ramp came Captain Perigin of the Arctic Hawks 5th company.  Yelling out for the glory of the Emperor, Perigin drew his relic blade and locked his sight on the foul chaos psyche witch before him.

Meanwhile a stormtalon dove down on a surviving manticor.  A hail of rocket and assault cannon fire ripped along the length of the mobile artillery piece, shredding it armor and setting it full ablaze.

The newly arrived terminators opened fire into the rear of the russ tank.  The relentless torrent of fire they put down ripped through the thin rear armor.  in seconds another stygian vehicle had become a smoking pyre in the streets of Guttar.

The drop pod tactical squad advanced towards the center.  They leveled their bolters at the newly arrived bloodletters sending a stream of fire into the daemons to little effect.

The other stormtalon swooped in then sending a veritable hail of fire down upon the daemons heads.  Four of the warp spawn vanished back from whence they came but the rest continued out of the fire, their inhuman gazes locked upon the drop pod squad.

The tactical squad on the Imperial left flank took aim at the remaining stygian pickets.  With precision fire they then swept them of the face of the planet.

Captain Perigin charged the Stygians in front of him.  Swinging his relic blade with deadly grace he cut down the two stygian soldiers that stood between him and the witch.  The witch raised a staff in defense but the relic blade snapped it in half with a downward thrust.  Perigin's reversed his swing slicing open the psychers belly and dropping him to his knees.
"Suffer not the witch to live!" Perigin roared as he swung the blade in a neat arc decapitating the now kneeling psycher. 

Special thanks goes to Josh Zakerski (seen below trying to hide his face in shame of being a lions fan) for all his help with this battle report.


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