Gates of Guttar part 6

With the flames of battle rising ever higher around them the Imperials continued to advance.  On the Imperial right flank the chimera dismounted it's veterans and the lone surviving sentinel stalked forward.

Major Konev and his squad opened fire on the dismounted stygians.  The grenade launchers sending fragmentation grenades in to scythe them down.  Under the hail of fire the stygians turned and fled back towards Guttar.

Other imperial guardsmen opened fire on the plasma gunner squad cutting down the vox caster.

Meanwhile the priest and his quad opened up on the other dismounted Stygians cutting a number of them down in a hail of lasfire.
The surviving wyvern targeted the Stygian left flank unleashing a barrage of shells into a squad there.  The relentless explosions killed all but one of the stygians who promptly fled at the horror induced by the Wyvern's steel rain.

Meanwhile the chimera and the dismounted veterans targeted the heavy weapon squad on the Stygian left flank.  In a hail of fire they blew apart the stygians leaving the entire Stygian left flank in tatters.

The Lone sentinel pivoted then and fired it's lascannon into the rear of the Stygian hellhound.  The laser bursting the promethium tanks and setting the light tank on fire.

The surviving russ rotated it's cannon and put a shot into a stygian chimera.  The heavy battle cannon easily wrecking the lightly armored apc and setting it alight.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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