Battle of Guttar incident 72 part 2

Kren lead his men towards the objective silently stalking the dark streets.  unfortunately for Kren and his militia a roving patrol had heard something and were advancing up the street to investigate the sounds heard in the night.
The approaching patrol was shocked to suddenly come face to face with Kren and his men.  Hastily they began to fire wildly even as Kren raced forwards.  The additional sound of fire was sure to raise the alarm, Kren thought, so much for stealth.  With that he swung his sword batting aside the Imperial lasgun and thrust his shotgun into the guardsman's face and pulled the trigger.  The shot decapitated the guardsman.  Around him his men hacked apart the Imperials.

As Kren raced forward toward the objective his squad behind him.  Another imperial patrol came up behind him and began spraying fire into the Stygian militia.  A number of shots slammed into the rear of the formation and a few of the militia men fell dead.

 Another imperial squad appeared lending it's wait of fire on to the Stygian Kill team.  Luckily for kren most of the shots were wide as the imperials groped to see the stygians in the dark streets.  It was quickly coming down to a desperate race against time for Kren to carry out his mission.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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