Raid into Guttar part 4

Despite the pounding of the initial force the Arctic Hawks had remained firm.  They had gained a fix on the stygian artillery positions as well as their command elements.  Now elements of the second wave came zooming in to administer imperial retribution.  Two stormtalons and a stormraven suddenly appeared over the ruins of Guttar.

The Tactical squad on the Imperial left flank opened fire then cutting down most of the stygian pickets in the nearby ruins with precision shots.

meanwhile a stormtalon took aim at the hellhound advancing through the runs.  A stream of assault cannon and rocket fire lashed out.  The shells and rockets punched through the support tanks side before exploding the promethium tanks on the armored vehicle.  in a flash of fire the stygian tank ceased to exist.

The Stormraven opened up then on an advancing chimera.  A steady torrent of fire hammered the apc until it too exploded leaving only a flaming crater and a few dazed survivors in it's wake.

The other Skytalon dove down towards the back of the Stygian russ pumping shots into the tank and setting it's engine on fire and stunning it's crew.

Meanwhile the squad from the drop pod charged the manticore with anti tank grenades.  The stygian artillery piece was wracked with detonations that destroyed it and set the mobile artillery platform ablaze.

However not all was to go the Arctic hawks way as on the Imperial right flank the bloodletters chopped apart the last of the tactical squad before disappearing into the smoke and flame filled center of the Imperial line.

Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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