Gates of Guttar part4

Major Konev deployed his men outside the chimera and urged the infantry squad ahead of them into the trench.  Konev continued to vox the Imperial right flank to continue the advance which they duly did until the chimera threw a track on a shell crater immobilizing it.

Konev ordered his body guard with grenade launchers to concentrate their fire on the devil dog.  With heavy thumps heavy grenades were fired into the hull of the stygian fast tank setting a few small fires and weakening the hull.  meanwhile the master of ordinance directed a heavy shell to slam into the side of another chimera, heavily damaging it.

Meanwhile on the imperial left flank the chimera that had moved up threw a track on the crater of the vanquisher immobilizing it.  The apc simply swung it's turret mounted heavy flamer at the dismounted stygians.  It then triggered an inferno that engulfed the stygians with the roar of the flames even drowning out their screams.

The punisher unleashed a torrent of shells into the side armor of a stygian chimera.  The heavy shells easily punching through the light side armor to set the apc ablaze.

The wyvern snap fired it's heavy bolter at the scout sentinel.  The round entered the cockpit and blew the operator apart as well as setting the walkers electrical controls on fire.

Meanwhile the techpriest servitors opened fire on another chimera with their plasma cannons.  the massive superheated plasma cut through the stygian apc like a hot knife through butter setting it on fire.  Stygian infantry hurriedly bailed out of their burning apc.

Meanwhile two of the armored sentinels targeted the remaining Stygian Russ blasting lascannons through the side armor to blow the armored tank apart from the inside out.  Leaving a second flaming crater alongside the first.

The Imperial russ swiveled it's turret bringing it's gun to bear upon the stygian devil dog.  it fired a massive shell that exploded into the side of the light tank setting it ablaze.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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