Raid into Guttar finale

Stygian infantry opened fire on the terminators.  A hail of lasgun fire and the sudden torrent unleashed by a flamer engulfed the heavily armored marines killing one of them and leaving the rest training their weapons on the stygian infantry.
The Stygian scout sentinel trained it's gun upwards toward the skytalon.  The reaper autocannon belched forth a flurry of shots that slammed into the aircraft to send it spinning into a burning wreck amongst the streets and ruins of Guttar.

The Daemons continued to hack apart the tactical squad losing one of their number in return.  The lone sergeant determined to hold out finally fell under the daemons frenzied blades leaving the warp spawn free to roam at will.

The terminators charged into the squad of Stygian infantry through a torrent of flames and lasfire.  These veteran warriors of a thousand wars quickly smashed the stygian infantry squad to pieces.
The remaining stormtalon dove through the hail of fire at the stygian sentinel and with a quick burst of fire blew the walkers cockpit to pieces and set it on fire.

Captain Perigin then fought the stygian command team.  As his honor guard dispatched the traitors retinue, perigin faced off against the stygian captain.  perigin's first slash staggered the stygian and the Arctic hawks captian suddenly lunged sending his relic blade through the traitors chest.

With the Stygian command team and artillery dispatched the Arctic Hawks quickly withdrew.  While they had inflicted great harm on the traitor forces their own losses had been equally grevious with the loss of the knight, two aircraft, and many battle brothers.  With little more to be gained the astartes withdrew to allow Imperial guard regiments to continue the work they had begun.
Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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