Raid into Guttar part 7

The Stygian forces reeled under the continued onslaught.  Captain Vecco ordered his heavy weapon teams to target the stormraven.  Flashes of fire lanced out damaging the massive craft yet again but still it continued to remain airborne.

The devil dog below fired its multi melta up into the belly of the craft.  The shot punched through the undercarriage and sent the space marine aircraft crashing into a burning wreck in the streets below.

Meanwhile another squad dismounted from a chimera to take up the position in the ruins the pickets had just been cleared from.
The bloodletters of Khorne charged the drop pod tactical squad howling in hatred and rage.  The Arctic hawks poured fire into the daemons.  The shells passed through the warp spawn and on they came howling in a rage fueled frenzy.  Swiftly their blades swung like meat cleavers hacking apart the noble astartes.  A few of the marines were able to block the blows using combat blades and bolters and a fierce melee ensued.

Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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