Gates of Guttar part2

Major Konev watched as the Stygian Guard armored forces attacked and began to vox orders.  Konev would attempt to envelop the Stygian attck element destroy it then sweep into the outskirts of Guttar.  The sentinels including those attached from the 23 Anglican regiment moved ahead on the right flank while his armor moved up slowly on the left flank.

On the Imperial left flank the punisher tank targeted the infantry squad in the ruins.  The rotary cannon spewed a hail of lead cutting into the ruins.  Stygian guardsmen were blown apart but the survivors held firm.

The Vanquisher snap fired at an approaching stygian chimera.  The vanquisher shell cutting through the smoke to punch into the hull and set a small fire and shake up the crew.

Meanwhile Konev's master of ordinance officer peeked out the chimera at the two stygian russ tanks before suddenly relaying data into the vox.  In a matter of heartbeats a massive shell flew overhead sounding like a freight train of the gods.  A massive explosion billowed up by the Stygian tanks leaving one of them with broken and burning tread.

The wyverns then opened fire.  Mortar round after mortar round launching up only to slam down on the Stygian command post.  Major Astar of the Stygian guard and his entire retinue were eviscerated by the rain of fire and steel falling down upon them.  In a few seconds the Stygian primary command team was gone and only a burning ruin left where they had been.

Finally the sentinels on the Imperial right flank opened up with their lascannon's against the side armor of one of the Stygian Russ tanks.  Beams of laser energy cut through the turret and detonated the onboard ammo.  In a flash of fire the russ was gone leaving a burning crater in it's wake.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his invaluable help with this battle report.


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