Raid into Guttar part 8

The Arctic Hawks began to move with the terminator squad advancing on a chimera facing the Imperial right flank.  Captain Perigin led his honor guard boldly forward towards the ruins housing the Stygian heavy weapons squad and command team.

One of the stormtalons dove then towards the devil dog light tank.  The marine aircraft pummeled it with a withering salvo of fire that wrecked it and set it ablaze.

The Other stormtalon dove towards the rear of a chimera.  Attacking at the perfect angle the marine aircraft was able to put shot after shot through the thin rear armor of the apc.  In seconds the stygian transport was another burning hulk in the blasted streets.

The terminators charged into the side of the chimera.  Their massive power fists punching through the side armor of the Stygian apc with ease.  In second the stygian chimera was a twisted wreck of burning metal.

Meanwhile a desperate hand to hand struggle continued between the bloodletters and the tactical squad.  The daemons swung in frenzied fury but were unable to land a killing blow on any of the marines present.  However one marine jammed his bolter into the guts of a daemon before unloading an entire clip into the warpspawn.  For a second reality blinked and then one of the daemons was gone even as the rest continued to hack and slash.

Captain Perigin led his squad charging through the runs and into the midst of the lascannon teams.  Swinging his relic blade in huge arcs he clove through the stygian troops and quickly cleared the floor leaving the route open to engage the stygian command team.

Special thanks goes out to Josh Zakerski (seen below)for all his help with this battle report.


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