Gates of Guttar part 7

A new voice cut across the vox, the voice of an Alpha legion marine.  "Pull back to the secondary line inside the city.  Artillery to cover the withdrawal, we'll bleed the dogs inside Guttar."
quickly moving to obey stygian forces began to pull back confident that the resulting artillery barrage would protect them from pursuing imperials.

The first manticore opened up on the remaining wyvern.  The imperials would not have artillery to cut off the Stygian withdrawal.  A Screaming horde of rockets descended on the imperial artillery piece and obliterated it.

The second manticore was out for revenge.  No man should win a victory over the Stygian empire and live to tell of it.  Besides it would hamper pursuit if the Imperial command and control was gone.  The manticore fired the last of it's rockets into the Imperial command squad engulfing them in fire.
     Major Konev was pushed to the ground at the last second by the standard bearer.  The next second his refractor field was humming and the world around him was aflame.  Slowly he got to his feet still alive but the rest of the command team laying dead.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Holte (seen below) for all his help with this battle report.


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