With screaming engines the Heldrakes reappeared on the battlefield.  They zoomed in over the shattered remnants of the stygian defense line and began to target the Imperial artillery on Sarwen's orders.  Sarwen knew if any of his forces were to make a fighting withdrawal and not be wiped out the artillery had to go.  the first heldrake opened up pumping round after round into a wyvern.  The rounds punctured it's fuel tanks and secondary rounds set the vehicle alight and scattering it's crew.

Meanwhile the helbrute who had just finished off a squad of kharkovians rushed forwards at the punisher tank.  it's massive claws ripping chunks out of it's armor and destroying the imperial war machine.  it roared it's triumph only to suddenly disappear in a blast from the vanquisher tank.  As the helbrute burned the kharkovian tank continued to press on.

The veterans fighting the other helbrute were at last able to get the upper hand when a thrown krak grenade severed the power supply conduits in the helbrutes torso.  It belched black smoke as the squad advanced past it to cross the defense line.

Sarwen knew the defense line was now fatally breached.  Kharkovian infantry were across now in multiple locations and their armor would soon be across in strength.  Sarwen ordered in air strikes to cover the retreat of his remaining men.  For the Imperials OPERATION SCIMITAR was off to a fine start.

special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below0 for all his help in this battle report.


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