Battle for the Forward Air Base part4

The Kharkovians reeled from the latest Stygian assault on their right flank even as they continued their own advance on the left flank.  The Vanquisher started the fighting on the right flank firing another shell into the possessed predator before popping off smoke launchers to obscure itself from return fire.

The veteran squad got out of the burning chimera and ignoring the daemon atop their wrecked apc leveled their flamers at Sarwen and the advancing stygian militia.  A roaring wall of flames leapt out to engulf the militia.  Their death screams and rattles piercing through the roar of battle.

The Skittarii now began to add their fire into the oncoming stygian assault.  the first squad hefted their weapons and opened up on the daemon atop the chimera.  Then rad carbines rounds slammed into the denizens of the warp and blew them off of the apc.  The other skittarii squad leveled a captured lascannon emplacement at the triumphant helbrute and let fly.  The massive laser cut the chaos war machine at the waist, immobilizing it and setting it ablaze.

The Kharkovians then called in additional artillery to further pound the assaulting stygian force.  The lone surviving wyvern dropped shells onto the second militia squad coming up behind Sarwen.  A half dozen stygians were cut down by the explosions and yet on they still came.   The Basilisk which had fired too long before over corrected and the short round landed atop the landing platform turning an abandoned hell blade fighter into a bonfire.

Meanwhile against the Stygian right flank the sentinels fired into the air control tower hoping to bring it down and the havocs with it.  the newly disembarked veteran squad leveled lasguns and plasma guns and opened fire on the helbrute.  Burning hot plasma slammed into the thing fusing It's leg servos  and causing the thing to spew black smoke.

The Russ tank on the Stygian right flank tracked the militia through it's sights before firing another heavy shell into their midst.  A massive explosion bowled over another ten militia, shredding them beyond recognition.  The militia leader was amongst the ten to have been killed.  under heavy fire, with no leadership, the militia turned tail and fled, collapsing the entire Stygian right flank as they did so.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report.


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