Battle for Guttar Refinery part 5

The Stygian garrison felt it's defenses starting to fail.  With their right flank collapsed and their center and left flank cracking it was only a matter of time before the end.  From above the heldrake dove down on the wyverns guns flashing as it sent a hail of shots into the artillery.  The heavy cannon rounds ruptured the ammo racks blowing apart a wyvern.

The Defiler meanwhile fired at the vanquisher however the shot went wide as the daemonic machine fired even as it was moving to reinforce the right flank.
The obliterator turned and it's hands morphed into a heavy flamer which spewed burning promethium upon Major Brusev and his command squad.  Brusev watched in horror as his brave guards and master of ordinance melted before him even as the chaos things laughter competed with their screams.


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