Battle for Forward Air Base part1

Sarwen of the Alpha Legion watched as dawn broke over the air base.  His men held the southern end of the base the Imperials held the north.  Now Sarwen was going to launch his first counterattack since the Imperial offensive began.  He voxed for the Stygian units to advance on the Kharkovian regiment forming  on the northern side of the base.  Stygian militia moved forward as did the helbrutes and a possessed predator that had been rushed up our of reserve.

Sarwen Drew upon the power of the warp chanting incantations as he did so.  The rage he had felt as the imperial offensive had hammered on the past two days was simply fuel to the fire in his mind, strengthening his abilities.  Still he felt old wounds open up and blood begin to pour within his armor even as he displaced reality in front of him.  Through this rippled gateway of the warp blood soaked daemons of hate, ten bloodletters stepped through and into reality.  Sarwen smiled a cold smile, he would add additional shock and horror to this assault, with the daemons.

On the Stygian Right flank the forgefiend opened fire on a kharkovian russ tank sending a steady stream of shells to bounce harmlessly off it's frontal armor.  Meanwhile the Helbrute leveled it's autocannon and put two shots into a chimera causing it to shudder.  The Havoc squad in the control tower took aim at the chimera and let loose with rockets and lascannon fire.  The heavy weapons slammed into the apc and turned it into a burning wreck.

With the Kharkovian infantry now out of their apc the Stygian militia on the right flank leveled their autocannon and opened up on them.  Tracers glowed as they skipped merrily through the guardsmen bowling four of them over and sending the rest ducking behind cover.

On the Stygian left flank Sarwen advanced with the militia and a squad of Alpha Legion marines on the double trying to close the distance to the Imperial forces.  The possessed predator opened fire it's lascannons slamming into the hull of the lead russ tank and causing it to smoke.  Sarwen hoped desperately that would be able to close the gap and overwhelm the imperials in time.

special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (pictured below) for all his help with this battle report


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