Battle for Guttar Refinery part3

Warpsmith Colseth watched the battlefield.  The Imperials were heavily committed now to turning his right flank and rolling up his line.  With savage glee Warpsmith Colseth ordered his surprise unleashed.  On the Imperial left flank a bunker suddenly opened that the Imperials hadn't bothered clearing.  Out came an obliterator it's arms forming into plasma guns as it aimed at the wyverns and fired.  Superheated plasma slammed into the side of the imperial vehicle and a set of it's terrifying mortars suddenly exploded.

In the center of the Imperial line sand suddenly blew outward as a hidden hatch appeared.  Another obliterator leapt out screaming hatred and death as his hand fused into a melta gun.  The obliterator fired into the rear of the punisher tanks blowing it's engine apart and immobilizing it.

A heldrake swung in low it's engines screaming in a wail designed to instill fear and panic.  It triggered off a series of bursts into a chimera.  Chunks of metal blew off the chimera as shells rained into it.  One of the fuel lines ruptured and a small fire appeared but still the apc's engine continued to run.

The Forgefiend though wounded lined up it's remaining gun on the advancing sentinels.  A series of shots ripped clean through the one sentinels compartment detonating the power cells and causing it to explode.

The Helbrute and Defiler again targeted the vanquisher.  Both sent a hail of fire at the imperial tank with the helbrute managing to glance the frontal armor while the defiler missed blowing a crater in front of the imperial tank.

Meanwhile a group of stygian militia rushed up towards the skittarii threatening the Stygian right flank.  With a whoosh of flame the militia drenched their foes with a flamethrower but starting a part of the refinery alight as well.  Then they raised their weapons and charged in determined to break their hated foe.  A swirling melee erupted with neither side able to gain the upper hand.

Special thanks goes out to Chris Edstrom (seen below) for all his invaluable help with these battle reports.


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