With the breaking of the main line the Kharkovian 8th Guards regiment and attached Skittarii advanced south west against light resistance.  they quickly gained a penetration 10 miles deep.  A few rear guard units harassed them but were quickly brushed aside by the advancing imperial force.

At the end of Zday+1 the Kharkovians were able to overrun the northern perimeter of the forward airbase the Stygians had set up there with the leading elements of the advance.  Their rapid advance meant the air base had not been destroyed nor all the aircraft evacuated.  The Stygians did have a substantial force nearby and on the southern end of the base so the decision was made to hold position for the night and resume the advance and complete capture of the forward air base in the morning of Zday+2.   Sarwen of the Alpha Legion however was awaiting reserves and planned a quick counterattack in the morning in order to retake the northern part of the airbase and finish evacuations and demolitions.


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